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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Episode 11: Angel on the Island

Mrs. Howell takes dictation as she wears an appropriate hat.

Then she makes her stage debut in a wig.

Then she swaps roles with Ginger because that head covering is better than hers.

Episode 10: Waiting for Watubi

Mrs. Howell waits for Watubi in a wide brimmed hat with feathers on top.

Then at the end of the episode she wears her fancy ribbon hat.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Episode 9: The Big Gold Strike

Early in the episode we see Mrs. Howell putting some flowers in her hair:

Later, she and Thurston don their pith helmets:

Then she enters the gold mine wearing an improvised miners helmet (with a clamshell and candle.) Quite a chapeau, even by Howell standards:

Then, another new hat, a formal hat that looks like a table centerpiece with a mesh veil:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Episode 8: Goodbye Island

In the most hat filled episode yet, Lovey starts out in a wide brimmed woven hat:

Later her and Thurston wear matching pith helmets:

She wears a straw hat with a mini feather boa:

Later she shows up holding that hat giving us a view of the decorative beads that adorn the boa:

And she shows up at the end of the episode dressed like a hot dog vendor and wears a small furry hat:

Episode 7: The Sound of Quacking

First we see a beautiful feathered hat:

Then we get the first dream sequence of the series. In an old west segment Mrs. Howell wears some kind of goth nun habit:

Episode 6: President Gilligan

In a brilliant bit of sartorial splendor Mrs. Howell wears a hat that looks like it has another hat on top of it. It also has ribbons hanging from the back of it.

Then she shows up in her cone hat with the flowers.

Finally we get a wide shot of Mrs. Howell in a nice hat. She either has glasses or sunglasses on.

Episode 5: Wrongway Feldman

In the first of two episodes featuring the bumbling pilot Wrongway Feldman, Mrs. Howell wears a cone shaped hat that is covered in flowers.

Later she shows up wearing a conical Asian hat.

Episode 4: Goodnight Sweet Skipper

Mrs. Howell only wears her night bow in this. No curlers.

Other than that it's a hatless episode. Mrs. Howell mostly wears hats during the day and this episode there is a long dinner sequence.

Also, she likes to use the parasol sometimes. I love this lady!

Episode 3: Voodoo Something to Me

Once again we see Mrs. Howell in a bow with rollers on her head during the night.

Later we find Lovey wearing a nice flowered hat.

Episode 2: Home Sweet Hut

In this episode Mrs. Howell shows up in an interesting hat. I would assume that she was simply wearing a towel and had just emerged from a shower, but the matching dress says otherwise.

Later when Lovey is awakened in the middle of the night we see her in rollers and a big bow.

Man, she has some style!

Episode 1: Two on a Raft

The first episode of the season starts out with the familiar theme song and Mrs. Howell's first hat:

Then she shows up during the episode in what seems to be the same hat:

It's hard to tell the color in black and white, but this seems to be a light colored cowboy hat with a big white feather on it.

I can only imagine that on the debut night viewers assumed this is the only hat she brought on the 3 hour tour.

Boy, were they wrong.